Once the town surrounded by high mountains was the most feared place on the Adriatic coast. Omis is 26 kilometers from Split. In the 13th and 14th centuries, Omiš was home to the pirates. With their fast boats, which they called Sagittae, they attacked merchant ships from Dubrovnik and Venice. As soon as they got their loot, they fled into the country via the Cetina River, for the large trading ships it was impossible to enter the river and so the pirates got out of sight. To prevent the attacks, the ships often paid Pirates tax and were thus exempt from the attacks. Because of all these taxes, Omiš became a smooth and powerful city, which is reflected in the many fortresses and churches that can be found here. Today, the Omiš Riviera with its high mountains, beautiful beaches and the historic town of Omiš is one of the most beautiful regions in Croatia. Omis is 26 kilometers away from Split.

Get active on and in the waters of Omis
What was once a pirate’s nest is now a photogenic seaside resort. The Croatian Omis is on many postcards because of the jagged mountains, the pastel-colored houses with red roofs and the white Velika Plaza beach. And we haven’t even mentioned the deep blue water of both the Adriatic Sea and the Cetina River. Omis is located on both waters. During an Omis holiday, water sports enthusiasts are in the right place. Snorkeling in the sea or canyoning through the river are just a few options. It is clear that a visit to this unique and historic place is definitely recommended. A place to never forget.