Rib boat Excursion 2: Bol, Brac, Zlatni Rat and Milna

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Bol ,Brac , Ziatni Rat


Island of Brač
The island of Brač in Croatia is famous for two things: its white stone and Zlatni Rat beach. With the white stone of Brač, Diocletian's palace was built in Split and… the White House in Washington DC. The Zlatni Rat beach is particularly special because of its unusual shape. With more than 2700 hours of sunshine a year, Brač is one of the sunniest areas in Croatia.

The beautiful landscape of Brač
Brač is the largest island in central Dalmatia, with several towns, beautiful quiet villages and a beautiful Mediterranean landscape of steep cliffs, blue clear water and wooded areas. Inland you will find many rocks. The difficult living conditions have caused many people to move to the mainland in the past, leaving the island almost deserted.

Milna Island
Milna is a village and municipality in the province of Split-Dalmatia and is the deepest bay on the Croatian island of Brač. It is therefore also known among boat owners for its sheltered location in bad weather. The village has been very extensive since the 1990s. However, the old-fashioned appearance of the center has been preserved.

Bol Island
Bol is the oldest city on the bank of Brac. It is located in the central part of the southern side of the island, below the Bolska Kruna and Vidova Gora (the highest point of the island). Bol was the city of winegrowers, fishermen and sailors, while today it is clearly a tourist destination. The city is first mentioned in the 12th century and the first inhabitants were the Illyrians. Bol has numerous historical monuments and is definitely worth a visit. See the beauty of the Dominican monastery from 1475, which has a rich archaeological collection, the Baroque summer residence, the Renaissance-Baroque palace with an art gallery, the parish churches and the monastery in the Blaca desert. The city is known for its crystal clear water and many beautiful beaches, the most popular of which is "Zlatni rat". It is one of the most beautiful and largest natural attractions on the Adriatic coast. It extends half a kilometer into the sea. Swimming is a real experience here. The coastal area, which is covered with pine forest, creates a special atmosphere.


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